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The Legend of the Shattered Seraph
Words: 1621
Couple: none
Ratings/Warnings: none
In the beginning, there was no world, no life, no existence, simply the cosmos, the void at a standstill, and three lovely goddesses who called themselves ruler of that ink black abyss. Millennia passed with only the other for company, but sisters could grow tiresome of each other very quickly. Galdione and Ymis got along well, but Hadia often found herself bored of their talks, sitting in her own section of the voice and counting the stars that flickered into existence, reaching out to touch one and watching as it died out.
“What is the point of our existence, my sisters?” she asked one day, a day like any other, her full red hair falling over her shoulders and down her back, so long and flying around her as if defying gravity, which did not yet exist in fact. The dark red faded as it went out, turning darker until it was entirely black and blended into the cosmos around her. The black dress she wore was long and si
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Mature content
Star Light, Star Bright :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 0 0
Mark Twain :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 0 0 That's Not a Chair, Sir :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 2 1 Kaedon: Sunbathing :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 3 0
Mature content
Rhythm of the Night :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 0 0
Mature content
I'm Still Me :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 0 0
Love at First Crepe
Words: 5277
Couple: Kailas Patel/Demitri Inou
Ratings/Warnings: fluff, romance, puppy love, crushes, mild racism.
Notes: Excerpt from original novel with OC characters, taken from the Toy Master Trilogy, which can be found on Wattpad.
"I remember Arthur mentioned you guys had a bunch of loose photographs packed away in boxes up in the attic," Demi was saying from where he was standing beside me, a stunned expression on his face as he looked slowly around the area, "but this is fucking ridiculous."
"Hey, it could have been worse," Cass argued, waving a hand and batting at the dust in the air as he stepped into the room and reached up to turn on the white fluorescent light that was hanging from the ceiling, "We'll just open some windows, air it out, this'll be a piece of cake."
"There's got to be at least fifty boxes!" Demi exclaimed, throwing his arms out in front of him, "We're looking for one photo!"
"Sixty-three boxes," Arthur corrected, cleaning the lenses of his glasses w
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Mature content
The Best Christmas Present Ever :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 0 0
The Fall of the Stars
Words: 3207
Couple: None
Notes: One-shot written for the Toy Master Trilogy from Wattpad.
Ratings/Warnings: fluff, brotherly love, family bonds.
My earliest memories were of the Little Dipper Observatory and Museum, where both of my parents worked from the moment they graduated college and got married. Whenever I try to think further back, I can’t remember anything, the very first thing I could see in my mind was standing in the lobby of the museum’s section, looking up at the life-sized paper mâché diagrams of space capsules, antennas, and spheres that represented the planets of the solar system.
I remember this feeling of euphoria and belonging as my mother held my hand carefully in her own, leading me across the room and waving to the woman at the desk. She was nice, I remembered, always wearing the most outrageous clothes with stars, sparkles, and planets on them. All her jewelry was shaped to look like planets like Earth and Saturn, and she would al
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Mature content
Where We Are Now :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 0 0
Mature content
S'Mores :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 0 0
Mature content
Torre di Pisa :iconno-white-knights:no-white-knights 0 0
The Gentle Touch of a Healing Hand
Words: 2529
Couple: Apollo & Hyacinthus
Notes: One-shot written from a request on Wattpad.
Ratings/Warnings: Major fluff.
"Are we a savage people, brother?" Hyacinthus asked softly.
His head was tilted back, his eyes locked on the vines of ivy and iris that traveled over the ceiling of his quarters, hanging down like green veils with lovely purple flowers that matched the color of his eyes and sent a delicate smell through the air. To the right was an open balcony, with only thin lilac silk hanging from the top to keep the cold wind of night from chilling his beaten body, moving in that wind like an ocean wave.
He was currently sitting on the edge of his bed, with his oldest brother, Visilios, sitting just behind him, carefully peeling away the cloth of his toga, which was soaked through by red blood and sticking painfully to the deep gashes whipped onto the pale flesh of Hyacinthus' back and shoulders. Just hours earlier the young man had been on his knees in the temple of A
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Request Box
Hey lovelies! :cherryblossom: 
I'm slowly beginning to lose my motivation, so I want to see if trying things out will change the pace of it. I may try something different, I may just do more of the same. Not only that, but I may not do anything, I may pick just one or maybe a few. In all honesty, it depends on my time and mood. Therefore, I'm writing this journal in hopes some of you will let me play around with your children!
What you have to do:
[ Pixel ] tiny mushroom! Be a watcher. New watchers are welcomed! [But please don't watch me just to see if you get the chance to have your character drawn for free]
[ Pixel ] tiny mushroom! Comment with a working reference of the OC you would like me to draw for you [ Male or female allowed ]
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! The final piece may be uploaded here, linked from
:iconkomore-bi:Komore-bi 7 27
christmas snowball :iconladollblanche:LaDollBlanche 224 24 Lumi :iconladollblanche:LaDollBlanche 349 7 c Steph-nee-chan :iconladollblanche:LaDollBlanche 251 13 [C] TragicKiwi :iconseraphy-chan:Seraphy-chan 134 5 [C] Tone-Colour :iconseraphy-chan:Seraphy-chan 166 6 Voltron : Shiro :iconmstrmagnolia:Mstrmagnolia 407 12 [C] tamagorolls :iconseraphy-chan:Seraphy-chan 200 18 [AT] MissZas :iconseraphy-chan:Seraphy-chan 179 12
Commission Open ^^
finally I can clear almost all personal projects Emoji26  hurayyy
so I have a time to open a new slot, 
check it out here : Commission Info
thank you for your interest and support 
Bunny Emoji-38 (Cutie) [V2]  // pat you all //
also I have some questions about adoptable...
next batch will be holy bards and death parade [ full body adopts ]
then after that, I'm thinking about musical box [ chibi adopts ] or 7 sins [ outfit adopts ]
what should I do first ? *-* what do you guys want to see first ?
and if there's any suggestion or anything you would like to see
feel free to comment here Kao Emoji-43(Sad waving) [V3] 
I wish I can reply you guys as I think, but my eng is a big obstacle
just want you to know how much I'm thankful of  your support
I do remember a lot of you, I read every fav and
:iconblack-quose:Black-Quose 1 2
commission new slot available

cute work from DRabbitz 
Hi guys! I just forgot to update it here ;w; 
new slot is available, check it out ^^
commission info :
*custom outfit commission : 3 outfits per 1 slot per person* 
and some adopts still need home ;w;

the next batch will be outfit adopts
prepare to see something fantasy this time : )
:iconblack-quose:Black-Quose 2 11
::Commissions:: OPEN
Please note if interested

PayPal only
5% discount on all characters adopted from me
15% discount Swimsuit special
10% NSFW Fee (Yuri, Girls soloplay)
10% Donger Fee(NSFW males, one per chara)
$32 USD with no background
$40 USD with Simple Background
           + 20 additional character
$48 USD with no Background
$53 USD with Simple Background or Dakimakura style
$60 USD with Background
$82 USD with over 16+ Background objects

:icongirutea:Girutea 163 248
Yaoi-World Commissions
Commissions are open, all necessary info you will find at:
 W W W . K O D AM A C R E A T I V E C O M M I S S I O N S . T U M B L R . C O M
:iconyaoi-world:Yaoi-World 174 159
c: Fairy tales for the night :iconladollblanche:LaDollBlanche 332 11 c: Fauna-Heart :iconladollblanche:LaDollBlanche 312 11 c: yuraeatscereal [+SPEEDPAINT] :iconladollblanche:LaDollBlanche 265 9


no-white-knights's Profile Picture
Psuedonym: Amelia Vale
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I mainly spend my time writing when I'm not busy with college and work.

Profile picture drawn by Seraphy-chan:

Icon drawn by Shei99:
Original commissioned art piece here:…
Hey guys! I thought it would be really cool to recommend some open commissions, mainly from artists I've commissioned art for. All of these artists are incredibly talented, and definitely deserve all the recognition they get.

Commissions are Open

:bulletgreen: STATUS: OPEN :bulletgreen:

for COMMERCIAL USE contact me via email
For commercial use price doubles (counts as commercial: game art, books, stickers, other stuff for sale, etc)

            * Fell free to contact via e-mail if you don't have deviantart account!

painting commission [OPEN]omg it's been awhile since the last time I opened painting commissions, I currrently really really need money so yeah 8'DDD
I accept points and paypal. 
I will do :
OCFanartsLight Yaoi/YuriLight MuscleDetailsAnthro
I will not do :
Nudity R-18 thingMonster Robot / heavy armor Heavy muscleAnimals
Some OCs
Cash- USD (via Paypal):
My price list doesn't include Paypal fee. You will need to cover the Paypal fee for me in this case. I'm sorry and thank you so much for this.
Please follow this instruction to send the payment: 
You can use this site and use Indonesia as the country to find out the exact amount you need to send for your commission.DA points: With t

Commission ID - Special commission in 2017 by nanshu29           nanshu29 

Commission Price
General Information

. If I cannot finish the work, or too busy, I will return the money. 
. There's no time limit on the work unless you require it in an allotted time but I would like to finish it on time and not make you wait for months
-Anything against DA policies
-Original Character
-Fan arts
-Sexy/Suggestive Ecchi, Yaoi, Yuri
*I need details before I decide to accept or not*
-Commission me by sending me a note with the details of the picture, description of characters, pose preference etc. 

-I will give you my paypal email after the commission have been set.
-I'll send you the sketch for approval, then the finished lineart and if everything are approved 
then payment will be made before I proceed finishing the picture. 
-Tell me the purpose of the commiss

Smoll chibi commission [OPEN]Hello Emoji02 
Decided to open some "experimental" commissions. Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
I accept both points and paypal
100Points = 1$
1. Style A
Price : 5$ / 500 Points - CLOSED

Slots : 
1. Femboi
2. Style B - OPEN
Price : 6.5$ / 650 Points

1. Gamercenary
2. :devxemmybug:
These commissions I said... experimental. Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2] 
So picture might differ from the example/// commission me at your own risk

2000+ watchers raffle! Thank you so much guys.. for supporting me and.. my art!   Emoji26 
I still can't believe ive got to 2000+ watchers omg  
Anyway, decided to hold a raffle as a gift to all of you!  Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
Bear Emoji-05 (Excited) [V1]   How to enter  Bear Emoji-05 (Excited) [V1] 
Must be a watcher! (new watchers are welcomed, but please do not watch me just to unwatch once the raffle ends.Only join this if you like my art  )
- favorite this journal.
- share the raffle in a journal/poll and link it in your comment.
Panda Emoji-08 (I love mah bed) [V1] Earning extra tickets Panda Emoji-08 (I love mah bed) [V1] 
- tag up to 3 other people (+1 entry)
- tell me why you like my art (+1 entry)


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